Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘there must be more to life’?

Patanjali, the godfather of yoga, coined the phrase ‘…and now yoga.’

It’s like you’ve tried everything and nothing works and so now it’s time for Yoga.

At Yoga Logic, our mission is to help people lead happier and more fulfilling lives by sharing this ancient wisdom of ultimate health.

Our focus is on teaching Classical Hatha Yoga, the purest form of yoga, that has been handed down, unaltered, from master to student for thousands of years. We are trained under the tutelage of Yogic Master, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Yoga is not merely about contorting the body or being flexible. It is based on an advanced wisdom, an ancient science of the body. Ultimately it is designed to settle the mind, activate dormant energies, stimulate and balance hormone levels, cure ailments and create optimum health and wellbeing for the body and mind.

Yoga is to be transmitted not taught.

By regular practice you will experience the following:

• a connection with a deeper dimension within yourself
• moments of bliss
• an underlying sense of calm and peace
• anxiety levels will start to reduce, and wane over time
• space between yourself and your thoughts enabling you to be more present
• clarity of thought and enhanced perception
• balanced emotions
• happiness and joy
• supple body
• flexibility of the body and mind

At Yoga Logic we offer you a variety of yoga practices designed to take you step by step on this journey, incorporating different dimensions of Hatha Yoga.

We also offer consultations for those interested in transforming their lives through nutritional and lifestyle changes. Our focus is on educating clients about the impact that correct food and thought can have on our mind and body. We will be drawing on wisdom from different holistic health disciplines.

Correct thinking, eating and movement for wellbeing is as ancient as it is highly effective. When what we consume becomes us, proper understanding of how the body, mind and energy are impacted by certain foods is vital for optimum health.

For those seeking to maximize the health benefits of Hatha Yoga, integrating the nutritional dimension is essential.

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