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Classical Hatha Yoga & Wellness Coaching

At Yoga Logic, our mission is to help people lead happier and more fulfilling lives by sharing the ancient wisdom of ultimate health through Isha Classical Hatha Yoga programs and through private Wellness and Nutrition Coaching.

  • Surya Kriya

    A potent holistic process for health, wellness, and complete inner well-being.

  • Angamardana

    Revitalizes the body on all levels including the muscles, circulatory system and skeletal structure.

  • Yogasanas

    Aligning the inner system to the celestial geometry and naturally achieve a chemistry of balance.

  • Bhuta Shuddhi

    The wellbeing of the body and mind can be established by purifying the five elements within the human system.

  • Sadhana Retreat

    A full day dedicated to help you deepen your practices

  • Pregnancy Yoga

    Specially designed to take into account the changing nature of the body during the gestation period

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Good health is not just about physical movement. In order to have good health there are different facets at play.
We offer various types of Wellbeing Coaching to help you to put a plan together to get you to optimum health

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