Pregnancy Yoga, Nutrition and Massage Mini Retreat for Mums-to-be


Let us take care of you for 2 days with pregnancy massage, yoga and nutrition.

2 day Mini Retreat in London for Mothers-to-be who want to practice safe yoga, learn about proper nutrition and conscious eating and to get pampered during the very special and sacred time in your life

What you do whilst you are pregnant has a profound impact on your baby.

You will leave with your own pregnancy yoga practice which you can practice on your own, at home and tips and recipes for healthy, vegan cooking.


Yoga for Pregnancy and a whole lot more!

This mini-retreat for is conducted in a sacred space for women to unwind, unravel and nourish themselves through the benefits of yoga, massage, nutrition and cooking.

Through the practice of yoga you will be learning to relax and prepare your body in a safe way. When receiving a massage, you are passively receiving the benefits of stretching and moving joints. When eating in an accurate and conscious way, you are giving yourself and the baby the best fuel for the system to be prepared.
Many expectant mothers find that these kind of experiences enhance their pregnancy and better prepares their body and mind for labour.

Part of the retreat will focus on immersing ourselves in veganism and its benefits. Therefore vegan lunch, fresh organic juice and light refreshments will be provided to nourish your body, mind and soul.

This is an open and inclusive space to welcome all 1st time mums-to-be from beginner to experienced, from 1st trimester throughout pregnancy.

Early bird is £250 and runs until 19th May, full price £275 thereafter

Here is what we will cover:

Pregnancy can be anxiety provoking for many 1st time others as they learn to understand and cope with the changes their bodies are going through. Quite often, it is difficult to know what the right thing to do is and what’s safe and what isn’t when it comes to your yoga practice.
As the pregnancy progresses, there will be physiological changes in the body. Especially in the spine, shoulders and pectoral muscles. You will be taught yoga practices which support and strengthen these parts of the body so that problems can be avoided, as well as working on the pelvic region to support an easy delivery.
You will also learn chanting and breathwork to help you stay relaxed through pregnancy and labour.
You will be taught in a way that after leaving the retreat, you will have a set of safe yoga practices, which you will be able to practice on your own, at home.

The day is structured so that we have slots available throughout the afternoon and at the end of the day in the upstairs treatment room.

Nutrition and cooking
A healthy and accurate diet during pregnancy plays a key role for both the unborn baby and the mother. It is important, since it directly affects the weight of the baby at the time of birth. It also helps to prevent the child from developing diseases such as heart disease and obesity later in life.

During the workshop, we will cover key aspects of conscious eating during pregnancy as well as a set of recipes, techniques and tools that will improve your repertoire when preparing your own and your family’s meals.
We define conscious eating as a way of cooking and enjoying food that maximises body and mind presence and doesn’t involve suffering. For this reason, all the food in the workshop will be vegan and organic.
Run by a Food Engineer and Chef and a Nutritional Therapist, we will play in the fields of juicing, cooked food and raw food and we will apply techniques like fermentation, preservation and dehydration, amongst others.
The dynamic will go through chats, tutorials and “cooking together” in a very informal and relaxed atmosphere.

About the workshop facilitators:

Vaneeta is a Classical Hatha Yoga teacher, Author, Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach and Founder of Yoga Logic. Her yoga qualification took 6 months and a total of 1700 hours to obtain under the tutelage of living Yogi and Mystic, Sadhguru. Vaneeta has devoted her life to understanding the ‘human condition’, and whilst on a continuous journey of self growth, is dedicated and passionate about helping others in their own journeys of growth.

Hernan is the founder and Head Chef of Cocina Shoreditch Dining Club, based in London. His project specialises in experimental Latin American cuisine, only plant based.
Originally from Argentina, he trained academically as a Food Engineer and extended his experience working as chef in restaurants in Buenos Aires city; he has also conducted several trips to Latin America intending to connect with the wisdom of Indigenous cuisines that are fundamentally based in vegetables and worked as a resident chef in communities in Portugal and France and in pop ups in Sao Paulo and Mexico city.

Diane: Diane works with the heart to provide nourishing and nurturing massage for all stages of pregnancy, preconception, postnatal and far beyond. She works with grace and enthusiasm, bringing an individual approach to every treatment. She trained with Suzanne Yates at Wellmother. To find out more info about Diane visit: