Pregnancy Yoga

Specially Designed

Safe practices for every stage of pregnancy

During the time of pregnancy, it is very important that expectant mothers do not overdo it and
this includes with your yoga practice as well.

Everyone has the notion that yoga is safe; after all, it’s just stretching. However, yogic practices
are not just stretching exercises, they have very profound effects on the body, at different levels,
including on the energy body.

Your regular yoga practice, therefore, may be harmful to the child at this time.
The gestation period is a fragile time. It is a time to ensure maximum wellbeing of the mother
and hence the baby.

Traditionally in India, pregnant ladies were kept away from the public so as to not soak in any
external negative energy.

It is also important not to physically stress the body, and so pregnancy yoga should be
supportive to the body during the different stages of pregnancy and prepare the body for
delivery. As well as keeping both mother and child fully relaxed and safe.

These traditions are lost today, but it does get us thinking that how we keep ourselves during
pregnancy is of paramount importance to best nurture our unborn child.
With this and the developmental changes in the body during pregnancy, we are offering a
unique set of practices designed to take the stress put on the body and the wellbeing of mother
and baby in mind.

Specially designed to take in to account the changing nature of the body during the gestation
period, this workshop will focus on deep relaxation and strengthening core areas of the body.

This is NOT like a regular yoga class. Most postures practiced in our regular workshops would
not be suitable during pregnancy. So it is highly recommended that expecting mothers stop all
other yogic practices during this time.