Yoga for Wellbeing: 4-week programme

Yoga for Wellbeing – 4-Week Programme for Thalassemia Society UK


We are pleased to announce a 4-week virtual yoga programme open to all members of the UK Thalassemia Society. The sessions will be held weekly on Thursday evenings as follows:
Dates:  16th, 23rd, 30th of July and 6th of August
Time:  5.30 pm – 6.30 pm each session.  Please login in by 5.25 pm
Place: Online via Zoom (link to be sent upon registration)
Please register for and attend the entire programme (all 4 sessions) in order to gain full benefit from the practices.
In these sessions, you will learn some beginner yoga practices to help with overall wellbeing. More details about each practice are available below.
This programme is taught by Shayla Ghelani who is trained and certified through the Isha School of Hatha Yoga, under the guidance of Sadhguru – with more than 1750 hours of in-class training. Find out more about her regular programs here.

Session Guidelines:

  • You will need to be on a light stomach condition for the practices, which means a gap of 2.5 hours after a full meal, 1.5 hours after a snack and 30 minutes after any drink (tea, coffee, juice, etc.) except water.
  • Please join each session from your laptop, and please login 5 minutes earlier to get settled in.
  • You will need to have a yoga mat or a comfy, carpeted surface. Please also bring a small cushion which is about 1 to 2 inches thick that will not compress.
  • Please ensure you have a private area where you will not be disturbed by anyone (family, children, pets) for the duration of the session. Please also keep mobile phones off so that you can focus on the practices.
  • The most conducive clothing to practice yoga in is loose, organic cotton (or any natural fabric). If you don’t have organic, then loose cotton clothing is best.
  • For the Yoga Namaskar practice, please note that those with a Hernia and women in the 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy cannot do this particular practice.
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Practices include a combination of the following:

1. Yoga for Health – Directional Movement of the Arms

Directional Movement of the Arms is a powerful way to activate the lubricants and energy nodes in the joints while exercising the muscles, bringing ease to the whole system.

2. Yoga for Success – Neck Practices

In evolution, a vertical spine corresponds to a leap in capability. Our series of Neck Practices is a simple way to keep the spine healthy and active, while activating the brain and upper shoulder region.

3. Yoga for Wellbeing – Yoga Namaskar 

Yoga Namaskar is a simple and complete process that impacts overall wellbeing. It has all-around benefits for the entire body, including activating the lumbar region of the spine in a tremendous way to regenerate and protect the spine as one ages.
*** PLEASE NOTE: Those with a Hernia and women in the 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy cannot do this particular practice.

4. Yoga for Peace – Nadi Shuddhi  

Nadi Shuddhi is a Pranayama (breathing technique) which works to cleanse the nadis – the 72,000 pathways in the human system through which prana or energy flows. Regular practice creates balance in the system and psychological well-being.

5. Yoga for Joy – Nada Yoga  

Nada Yoga is the yoga of sound or reverberation. In this practice, you will learn how uttering certain sounds can enable you to create an inner atmosphere of joy and balance in the system.

6. Yoga for Love – Namaskar Process

The many nerve endings in your palms make them very sensitive and receptive. Placing your palms together in a gesture of Namaskar can actually change your inner chemistry to foster love within. Holding Namaskar also brings a balance between the two polarities in life, which is the aim of yoga – which literally means union.

7. Chit Shakti – Guided Meditations

Everything that human beings have created on this planet was essentially first created in our minds. How we organise and focus our minds decides the direction of our life, which is called Chit Shakti. In these guided meditations, we use the power of the mind to help you to focus on and manifest better health, love, peace and success in your life.