Yogasanas Review

Refine & Align

Yogasanas Review Session: October 22, 2023


This Yogasanas Review Session will include Beginners Asanas, giving you an opportunity to correct all your postures, ask questions, and deepen your practice.

I will guide you through the sequence of Isha Yogasanas, give you personal corrections and ensure that you leave empowered with a more balanced and refined practice.

Prerequisite: This session is open to those that have learned the Beginners Yogasanas practice in a previous workshop. 

When: Sunday, October 22: 9.30 – 11.30 AM
Where: Chandra Yoga, Zacharitsa 27, Athina 117 41


The word asana literally means a posture. Out of the innumerable asanas a body can assume, 84 have been identified as Yogasanas, through which one can transform the body and mind into a possibility for ultimate well-being. In this beginner’s Yogasanas program, we will be taking you through 22 asanas.

Yogasanas are not exercises, but rather very subtle processes to manipulate one’s energy in a particular direction.

In an untrained state, the human body is a constant manifestation of various levels of compulsiveness. By consciously forming the body into a certain posture, one creates a conducive passage for energy flow that can elevate one’s consciousness.

Yogasanas are a way of aligning the inner system and adjusting it to the celestial geometry, thereby becoming in sync with the existence and naturally achieving a chemistry of healthfulness, joyfulness, blissfulness, and above all, balance.

The practice of Yogasanas provides countless benefits including:

  • Relief of chronic health conditions

  • Evolution of body and mind towards a higher possibility

  • Stabilization of the body, mind, and energy system

  • Deceleration of the aging process